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Hand chain hoist maintenance

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1. Hoist clean up after use and should be coated with anti-rust oil,stored in a dry place,moisture to prevent rust and corrosion chain hoists.
2. Maintenance and repair should be more familiar with hoist bodies were carried out Mechanical cleaning hoist with kerosene, Gears and bearings in part,Add Huangyou Run slip,Prevent those who do not understand the principle of free disassembly machine performance.
3. After cleaning maintenance hoist,Load test should be carried out,Confirm working properly,Braking and reliable, theBe delivered.
4. Brake friction surfaces must be kept parts should be inspected regularly,Prevent brake failure,Place heavy objects from falling phenomenon.
5. Around the sprocket Manually hoist lifting the ball bearing,Butter has been pressed in adhesion can be installed on the lifting sprocket bearing inner ring on the journal,Load bearing wall and then outside the circle.
6. Manual hoist brake part of the installation,Note with the pawl ratchet claw alveolar Department of meshing well Spring on the pawl control should be flexible, reliable,Sprocket to get started after installation,Clockwise bracelet round,Will ratchet, pressed the brake friction plate seat,Counterclockwise rotation bracelet round,Ratchet and friction plate should be left between the gap.
7. In the refueling process and the use of manual hoist,Brake friction surfaces must be kept clean,And regular inspection of braking there,Prevent brake failure caused by heavy objects from falling.

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