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Teach you to easily solve the problem of electric hoist

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What should we do when the electric hoist fails? How to rule out? Now Xiaobian teaches you four tips: 

(1) First check whether the power supply fuse of the electric hoist is blown. If one phase is cut off, the electric hoist motor starts in a single phase, the starting torque is zero, the electric motor can not rotate, and enough fuses should be replaced.

(2) Secondly, if the grid voltage is too low, the starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. The acceleration torque cannot overcome the load torque and cannot reach the running speed. The grid voltage should be increased properly.

(3) Stator winding phase-to-phase short circuit, grounding or disconnection. When the winding grounding occurs at the lead-out ground plate, the junction box shall be opened for inspection.

Not only check the motor when the circuit breaker is open, but also check whether the wiring of the control device is correct. If the contact of the AC contactor is bad, the circuit can't be connected. Use the sandpaper to smooth the mark of the contactor's contact, and also check the core pull-in and Disconnected, there is no jamming, replace the contactor if necessary.

(4) The load is too large or there is a fault in the transmission awning machinery. Generally, the electric hoist matching the motor power is reasonable. The lifting weight cannot be overloaded. If the electric hoist does not turn, remove the load first, for example, the motor can start normally. The transmission mechanism is faulty. Check the dragged mechanism and clear the fault.


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