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How to maintain the wire rope of electric hoist

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First, maintenance of electric hoist wire rope:
1. The pulley used for the electric hoist should not have cracks and gaps on its edges.
2, the wire rope in the movement and other objects do not friction, but should not be inclined with the edge of the steel drag, so as not to cut off the steel wire rope angular, a direct impact on the life of the wire rope.
3. When using wire ropes on objects with high temperature, heat insulation measures must be adopted because the strength of wire ropes will be greatly reduced after being exposed to high temperatures.
4. In the course of use, electric hoists must constantly check the strength of their steel wire ropes. Generally, at least six months, a full inspection or strength test must be performed.
5, the use of the process is strictly prohibited overload, should not be impacted, in the strapping or lifting requirements, be careful not to make the wire directly and the object's fast mouth edge sharp angle contact, in their contact to pad with wood , Canvas, sacks, or other underlays prevent equipment from damaging equipment and life accidents by preventing the fast edges and corners of objects from damaging the wire rope.
6. In the course of use, if the length of the electric hoist is not enough, shackle connection must be used. It is strictly forbidden to use steel wire ropes to wear long steel wire ropes to lift long objects so as to avoid the shear force generated thereby.
7. After the electric hoist has been used for a period of time, the steel wire rope must be lubricated. On the one hand, it can prevent the steel wire rope from rusting. On the other hand, during the use of the steel wire rope, the wire rope and the steel wire in the same strand between each strand rope will be Sliding friction with each other, especially when the wire rope is subjected to bending force, is more exciting and can be reduced by adding lubricating oil.
8. When the steel wire rope is stored, the dirt on the wire rope should be cleaned and lubricated according to the above method. Then it is coiled and stored in a dry place. The underside of the wire rope is covered with a wood block or a sleeper and checked regularly.
9. During the use of the wire rope, special attention should be paid to preventing the wire rope from coming into contact with the welding wire. After a power failure, the wire rope will be damaged, affecting the smooth operation of the work.
10. Pay attention to check whether there is breakage damage and whether it is used, or you need to replace the new rope to ensure safety.

Second, the scrapping standard of electric hoist wire rope:
1. The electric hoist wire rope is worn and the diameter is reduced. If it exceeds 40% of the diameter of the steel wire rope, it should be disposed of.
2. In the process of using the electric hoist wire rope, the whole strand rope of the steel wire rope often breaks or the rope core of the steel wire rope is pushed out, resulting in structural damage. At this time, the steel wire rope should be scrapped.
3. When a broken wire reaches 7-8 roots within one pitch, it should be scrapped.
4. Wire ropes, which are transported or hoisted with metal solutions, hot materials, and contain acids, flammable and toxic substances, are corroded by chemical media and the steel wire ropes should be scrapped.
5, overloaded used steel wire rope can no longer continue to use, when the appearance of wire rope is seriously deformed, structural damage, the core extrusion or there is a significant curl, the accumulation of the phenomenon should be scrapped.

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