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China's electric hoist industry to enter the peak of R & D innovation

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Recently, the global financial turmoil so that all walks of life in the world has been a great impact, only two months time, electric hoist market from the short supply situation suddenly turned to oversupply. At the same time, the euro exchange rate continued to fall, to the domestic electric hoist industry caused a lot of exchange rate losses.
But we believe that the current global financial turmoil on the solar electric hoist industry, the impact of the terminal application market will not be too much time will not be too long.
The main reason is: First, the solar photovoltaic industry is supported by the government subsidies to support the capital-intensive industries, subsidies and not because of the financial turmoil and slow down.
The French government has passed the approval of the French parliament, the country's photovoltaic power generation regulations for the largest ever, which will be on the French and European solar power industry a huge advance.
Second, at the end of 2008, many system installers were waiting to see the price slide down, and I guess the market will improve in the first quarter or the second quarter of next year.
Third, the solar photovoltaic power generation system is a very flexible price of the product, when the system, component prices fell rapidly, will give birth to more demand.
PV industry chain can withstand and digest the decline in the price of photovoltaic power generation system, because the various industrial chains have their own price pressure to pass on to its top, and the top of the polysilicon industry chain itself is a profiteering industry. Siemens law cost of 30 US dollars / kg, fluidized bed method for 20 US dollars / kg, while the 2008 polysilicon material sold up to 450 to 500 US dollars / kg.

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